Special Nonexistent Furniture

Ease into this bold color palette with inexpensive accents, such as lamps, wall art, pillows, and vases.
Amber, similar to the popular shade of citron, has all the boldness of gold without the sparkle. Try an upholstered chair or throw pillow in this color.
Pair jewel tones with equally bold neutrals, such as gray, brown, and black. Vibrant hues can make softer colors, especially pastels, feel dull.
Textured materials that reflect light help play up the drama of bold colors—think velvet, leather, and silk.
If you're worried about combining too many jewel tones, stick to solid-colored accessories, which are easier to group together than patterned accents.

Adorn your home in gem-inspired colors for a rich
and luxurious look. Consider a popular shade of emerald green along with other high-impact jewel tones: alluring amethyst, sparkling sapphire, scintillating gold, ruby red, deep purple, and blood orange. 

Give nearly any spot in your home a boost of bejeweled opulence. Experiment with pops of intense color in a small room, or opt for lots of saturated hues in a large space to create a feeling of intimacy by enveloping you in color.

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