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Set the tone with a bold area rug. It quickly adds a big dose of color to any room.
Choose accessories in different shades of green. Add or subtract pieces until you get the look you want. 
Consider a two-tone palette with a complimentary color like blue, pink, or gray. 
Really committing to color? Rich green tones of paint or patterned wallpaper are the way to go.
Fabrics in green patterns are an eye-catching statement. Incorporate pattern in throw pillows and window treatments

Whether you're looking to re-do an entire room
or just want to add a dash of this key color, incorporating green into your home is easier than you think. From mint green and emerald to bright lime and chartreuse, we're sharing some of our top picks for this trending color and helping you bring it home.

To find the perfect shade, think about the mood you're looking to achieve. Each variety of green can evoke a different feelingâ€"emerald is luxurious while kelly is invigorating. Consider the rest of the decor, too. When paired with other bright colors, green can energize a space. Used alongside blacks, browns, and whites you can create a sophisticated retreat.

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