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Balance a palette of bright greens with a neutral area rug; a woven jute option adds the right dose of texture.
Choose accessories in different shades of green, then add or subtract pieces until you get the look you want. 
Consider a two-tone palette with a complementary color like sea blue, bright pink, or soft yellow. 
Ready to commit to color? Bold green paint or patterned wallpaper will make a personality-
​filled statement. 
Look for fabrics in green patterns for a colorful, fun vibe, such as floral pillows or curtains.

Whether you're looking for a nature-inspired update
or just want to add a dash of this vibrant color, incorporating green into your home is easier than you'd think. From deep shades, like forest green and emerald, to brighter options, like lime and chartreuse, our editors share their top picks to bring this timeless color into your home.

To find the perfect shade, think about the mood you're looking to achieve. Each variety of green can evoke a different feeling; emerald is luxurious while kelly green is invigorating. Consider the rest of the decor, too. When paired with other bright colors, green can energize a space. Used alongside blacks, browns, and whites, it can create a sophisticated retreat. It's all about the hues and textures you decide the pair it with—read on for more inspiration!

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