Special Nonexistent Furniture

Pair gray with pastels, such as soft pink and mint, for a feminine feel.
Take the trend metallic by mixing in lots of glistening silver, pewter, and mercury glass.
If you're a fan of cool colors, venture into the world of gray by incorporating colors like laurel gray and steel blue into your existing palette.
Choose creamy white trim to balance out any shade of gray walls.
No-fail color pairings for gray: purple, yellow, orange, navy, red.

With so many more than 50 shade to choose from,
gray is, without a doubt, the neutral of the moment. More interesting than white and fresher than beige, the right gray strikes a perfect balance between light and dark, warm and cool. Go dramatic with deep hues, such as charcoal, slate, and graphite. Or, keep it airy with colors such as dove gray, ash, and stone. 

Need to balance out a bold, colorful rug? Gray walls are the solution. Going for a monochromatic look that still has personality? A variety of grays is the key. Looking for new go-to color that gets along with everyone? Gray's your girl. 

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