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The term "velvet" refers to the weave of the fabric rather than its fiber content. Velvet can be made from materials ranging from silk to linen, nylon to wool.
Velvet has a reputation for being high-maintenance. Let's just say, a steamer is your best friend.
Velvet, while not fragile, is not super durable. Save this fabric for furniture that isn't too high-traffic. 
 Velvet is such a plush texture that a little goes a long way. Yellow velvet couch not your thing? Maybe just a throw pillow or two. 
An unexpected use for velvet is bedding. Try a velvet comforter for a rich, cozy bedroom look.

Velvet has been around forever, but it's not every day
that you see this material rendered in such a swirl of circus-tent hues. At a recent trade show, velvet ottomans in Barbie pink, a tufted club chair clad in brilliant cerulean blue, a chaise covered in cherry-fuchsia, and one unforgettable sofa upholstered in Big Bird yellow were standout pieces.

We're all-in with regard to this trend, from dog beds to chaise lounges. Check out our favorite product picks and tips to bring this trend home. 

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