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Area rugs have instant impact. Add a large, bird motif rug to your room layout. It will contribute a fresh and charming appeal to the space. 
Do your research! Bird motif wallpaper can be an amazing accent when applied properly. 
Complement your existing decor with bird motif fabrics. They're a pleasant surprise for guests when they see the actual design up close and personal. 
If your indoor garden is missing a little something, tuck a small bird statue behind the greenery. It makes for a natural, eclectic look.
Group bird artwork in pairs or threes to create a focal point over a mantel or sofa. 

From dainty hummingbirds to elegant lovebirds,
bird-inspired décor is flying its way back—once more—into your home. Embrace this wildlife-inspired trend by integrating it into your existing space—perched on a mantel, silhouetted in a wall decal, or bordering a mirror. Because it's such a versatile and simple design, birds can give your home an updated touch that's either subtle or bold, timeless or contemporary. For spring, add this lively décor element into your space with these five helpful decorating ideas and tips. 

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