Special Nonexistent Furniture

Fill a serving tray or platter with a grouping of votive and pillar candles and candleholders of various sizes for a beautiful display.
Varying the height of the glasses you choose (above) will create a more dynamic display. 
Opt for unscented candles when they're used on a dining table or near food.
When working with chipped glassware, use sandpaper to gently smooth sharp edges around the chip before you begin painting.
These easy projects are ideal for an event or party. Get custom and budget-friendly decor by aligning with your event's color theme. 

Brighten up a tabletop with DIY candleholders!
By using items you already have around the house, you can create one-of-a-kind decor that's just your style. In these crafts, we saved chipped glassware that was too pretty to toss and spruced up plain votives. With a little love and creativity, these items that were destined to collect dust (or be thrown away) can be used again and again! 

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