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Tuck a desk into an alcove, beneath a staircase, or into a closet. Slanted walls sometimes mean unusable space, but the height works just right if you're sitting. 
In your bedroom, add multifunctional furniture that's still pretty, such as a secretary desk.
Sacrifice a little counter and cabinet space to set up a mini office in your kitchen.
A console table behind your sofa can double as a desk. Just pull up a chair when it's time to get to work. 
Any blank wall (even in a hallway or beneath a window) can be transformed into a workspace. If a desk is too wide, consider installing a countertop or shelf that's the perfect size.

With flexible job situations on the rise, more of us
are working from home, bringing our laptops back from the office, and trying to create places in our homes to get it all done. A home office is ideal, but when you don't have a dedicated room to spare, you need some clever solutions. Everyone has different requirements—some people need total privacy and quiet, while others prefer to be close enough to keep an eye on their family.

No matter what kind of space you have to work with, we can help you carve out a functional (and stylish!) spot to call your own. As long as your workspace has these essentials—a flat work surface, lighting, and comfy seating—you're set!

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