Special Nonexistent Furniture

For a layered look, let items peek from behind each other, such as candle holders placed slightly in front of a framed photo.
Cohesion is the antidote to clutter; display collections and similar items together. 
In a bookcase, alternate tall, short, horizontal, and vertical items so your eye travels across the shelves.
Unless you are going for a strictly balanced look, odd numbers are more appealing than even-number groupings, so cluster items in threes or fives.
Stacks of books are an easy way to add height, just follow a couple rules: 1) Hardcover books only, please! 2) Top with pretty flowers or an accent.

Don't hide what you've got!
It's often the littlest things that mean the most to us. We hold onto photos, gifts, and souvenirs--small scraps we've saved to remind us of a place, trip, or moment in time. But what good is that when you can't see them? 

We have ideas and tips for how you can make your accents blend with your decor for an intentional, cohesive look. So bring those items out of their boxes, out from under the bed, or from the back of the closet. Every time you glance at your tabletop or bookcase, you'll be glad you did!

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