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Play with elevation. A flat tablescape can look one-note, so rely on footed stands to add some height.
Be sure to pair cakes and tarts with serving utensils so guests can help themselves to a slice.
Try placing cookies in a clear footed vase—a creative alternative to a platter. Just make sure the opening is wide enough to reach inside!
Mix-and-match white, clear, and silver trays and stands for an eclectic, yet cohesive look and feel.
Provide a variety of ice cream bowls, dessert plates, and full-size plates for guests who just want a small bite and those with a heartier appetite.

Since the holidays are such a busy season, sometimes
friends want to give their greetings but can't commit stay all night. An open house party is ideal for guests just dropping by for a nibble and a hello. Instead of a heavy meal, opt for a desset buffet to satisfy everyone's sweet tooth. Set up a home bar or bar cart nearby for those who wish to linger longer.

​A winter color scheme of brilliant blue and snowy white begins with oversized paper stars and a pitcher of glittery branches and ends with plenty of plates and dessert cups. Make your Christmas or New Year's dessert buffet the height of decadence with our editors' tips and product picks below!

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