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The ideal hanging height puts the center of the item at eye level (generally about 65 inches from the floor).
To create a visually pleasing arrangement in your stairwell, hang items in a line that matches the rising angle of your stairs.  
Stick to a common theme when hanging things in your stairwell. The commonality can be the subject matter, the colors, or the frame shape.
Highlight your favorite frames or decor by hanging them toward the center of the wall or your arrangement.
Give your floors some love, too! Try a colorful runner or paint down the center of your stairs to step up your décor.

A staircase is one of the largest architectural elements
in a home, but it's often a forgotten space that doesn't get much attention when it comes to decorating. It can easily become a highlight of your home when you embellish it a bit.

Decorate the walls surrounding your staircase to complement your home's style. Whether you want to display a growing collection of family photographs, show off a collection of vintage postcards, or add some color or pattern to your space. Let us help get you get started!

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