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Green and blue are top color choices for boy bedrooms. Accent them with gray for a sleek, modern feel or brown for a cozy, traditional look.
Pick bedding and furniture in neutral patterns and finishes. Use budget-friendly accents (wall art, pillows, accessories) to create a theme, so you can update the room as his interests change.
Stripes, plaids, and geometric prints are foolproof pattern options for any theme.
Textured wallpaper and wall decals are cost-effective ways to add character without adding to the budget.
Often overlooked in kids' bedrooms, rugs and window treatments complete the space. Opt for neutral hues and they can be used for years to come.

For the ultimate boys' bedroom, create a space that
reflects your kiddo's favorite hobbies and interests. Sports-themed bedrooms are a popular choice, no matter how old your little man is. We picked our favorite bedroom staples that run the gamut from all-out athlete to subtle sports fan. One important factor to consider when decorating for kids—their interests shift quickly and often. Here are our best tips and ideas for designing a boy's bedroom that reflects his interests now and is flexible enough to evolve as he grows up.

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