Special Nonexistent Furniture

1. Mantel: Dress your mantel with stacked books, whether varied and interspersed with objects or lined up next to each other.
2. Color Theme: Transform a bookshelf into an artful masterpiece by color blocking your books. Use both hard- and soft-covered books for textural appeal.
3. Display Stand: Books layered on a coffee table, end table, or at the foot of your bed, add depth, while highlighting a favorite accent, like a clock.
4. Covers: Doll-up damaged or dull books by wrapping them in craft paper and adding labels to the spines.
5. Open Shelving: Bring modern appeal into your space with books displayed on floating shelves. It saves you floor space, too! 

Infuse literary charm into any room with your 
never-ending book collection. From their intricate bindings to their colorful covers, books are an easy and budget-friendly way to update your decor. They lend character in nearly every space, from the living room mantel to the end of your bed atop a storage unit. With a little imagination, your favorite books will become the highlight of the room. (It's about time you dusted them off!) Whether you're looking for that subtle touch or a wow-factor, we've come up with five clever ways to decorate with books. 

Rule of thumb: Always make it look deliberate! For example, carefully lay them out on a coffee or end table so everyone knows they're supposed to be part of the room's decor. 

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