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 Plan your arrangement on the floor before installing. Play with a few layouts until you're happy with the outcome!  
Create a display with a similar or complimentary color palette that brings together the rest of your décor. 
Frames will highlight your art and create additional depth and interest to your space. Feel free to mix simple styles with more elaborate frames.
If you're building a salon styled arrangement, anchor it with the most visually striking piece in the center. 
Consider space when hanging a large piece of artwork. A common mistake is using art that is not in proportion to your furniture. 

Create a tasteful, yet bold wall statement by hanging
artwork that speaks to you. Find a wall that needs some attention—such as a foyer, bedroom, or living room wall.  Use this as an opportunity to infuse personality into your space by mixing various types of art, or showing off one of your favorite pieces. Decide on a layout such as a salon style (see left) or symmetrical arrangement. Other elements to consider in your arrangement are a variety of scales, bold or subtle colors, different sizes, and themes. 

No matter where or how you decide to hang your art, there's no specific formula you need to follow. Here are some tips to help you get started and creating an eye-catching wall display.  

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