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Center a framed piece of artwork or a mirror at eye-level above your dresser.
Flank either end of your dresser with a pair of matching lamps.
Provide attractive storage, such as decorative boxes, trays, or bowls, to hold jewelry or odds and ends.
Layer in interesting objects—such as a clock, candleholder, or collectible.
Finish with something beautiful. You can't go wrong with fresh or silk flowers!

A key factor in creating a peaceful master bedroom
is decorating your dresser. Even if the drawers are full of neatly folded clothes, it seems like dresser tops are too often cascading with clutter or completely bare.

Our first instinct may be to cover flat surfaces with items that are pretty or special to us, but beauty must be balanced by function. The first time you discover how romantic your bedroom becomes when softly lit by lamps (instead of glaring overhead light), you'll be a believer. Bonus: These ideas can also be used to style an entryway table, console table, or even a mantel!

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