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5 Tips for Decorating Your First Apartment

Buy inexpensive, neutral furniture (like dressers, headboards, and coffee tables) and customize the pieces with knobs, wallpaper, or paint.
Plants bring life to rooms, no matter how dark or small.
Cost-effective pillows can spice up lackluster
​hand-me-down sofas or chairs.
Furniture should do double duty in small spaces—use your desk as a nightstand and your desk chair for extra seating when friends visit.
Use open shelving as an opportunity to showoff mementoes and keep yourself organized with fun storage boxes.

Whether using hand-me-down furniture, decorating
on a budget, or splurging on luxury, your first apartment is a great opportunity to explore your personal design style! Deciding on a look, feel, and color palette for the first time can be overwhelming; but go with your gut (it's usually right!). Once you've got the color palette, look for accents in those hues. Carry the colors throughout every room in the apartment to create a cohesive look. First buy big pieces, such as dressers, sofas, and beds, since they're the most expensive and they anchor the rooms. Then, infuse your personality into the space without breaking the bank by adding budget-friendly accessories, like curtains, wall art, and lighting. 

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