Special Nonexistent Furniture

Most dorm beds lack headboards, Fashion one out of cork boards or wall decals for a unique look.
Functional and versatile furniture is key—storage ottomans can be used as tables, extra seating, or a place to rest your feet.
Dorm room lighting is generally so-so. Try putting cool, colorful lighting, either floor or table lamps, to work!
When you don't have much space, use everything as a decorating opportunity. Example No. 1: a bright and patterned pair of sheets adds personality.
Invest in an inexpensive area rug to create a homey feeling. Bonus: If you didn't coordinate bedding with your roommate, a rug featuring the main colors of each side of the room will unite the space.

Outfitting the dorm room is an important step in
sending kids off to college. To start, your student should talk to his or her new roommate about the necessities (fridge, microwave, TV, etc.) and decor. Find out what colors they both like and discuss how to decorate their shared room. Next, select the bedding, which will set the tone for the room.

As for the details, lightweight canvas art, posters, and wall decals are ideal for covering plain dorm walls that you can't paint or put holes in. Area rugs warm up cold tile floors or add color to bland carpeting. Decorative pillows add color to the space, too. Lastly, ward off homesickness by finishing the room with keepsakes from home, such as framed photos.

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