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5 Top Designer Tips: Dining Room

Try these designer tips for giving your dining room a little extra oomph.

  • Connie Long Interiors
    "Rugs help to establish the focal point by grounding the table, providing texture and pattern and also absorbing sound." 

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  • Garrison Hullinger Interior Design
    "Take the drapes all the way from the ceiling, this can give your room the illusion of great height and also help make the space look bigger." 

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    Design: Studio Frank

  • 2 Gays and a Design
    "Preserved boxwood is a terrific way to add some greenery in a space without worrying about plant maintenance. I use them everywhere!"

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  • Kelley Price Interiors
    "White is not the only neutral. Black is just as versatile and neutral as white. Don't be afraid to use it!"

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  • Darlene Molnar LLC
    "Lean and layer artwork and frames. Whether it's on a shelf, mantel, bookcase, or just on the floor, there is something casually chic about a frame that is leaning."

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