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  • Looking to give your home a fresh new look? We asked our real estate agents across the country what hot new trends they are seeing in home décor. This year, it's all about clean, simple, and modern. Whether you just purchased a home or are searching for a way to liven up the house you've been in for years, here are a few simple style suggestions from Redfin agents that will give any room in your home that trendy edge. 
  • 1. The Kitchen

    What's cleaner and simpler than white? It doesn't matter if a kitchen is small or large, white seems to be the new black when it comes to fashion in any kitchen. According to Redfin real estate agent Bohdan Mastykaz, "It is very common to see white glass tile floors to match all white furniture." But, that's not the only color agents are seeing; contrast is in. Agents are seeing white cabinets paired with dark countertops in many homes these days. And agents are seeing a lot of kitchen furniture dressed in light fabric of white or cream tones, paired with dark wood frames. That light and dark contrast is popular in the larger living areas of the home as well. Redfin real estate agent Mia Simon says, "It's all about white subway tile, white cabinets and black, gray or white countertops."
  • 2. Bathrooms

    While wallpaper once had a bad rap, agents are saying it is no longer a home décor faux pas. In fact, it's starting to make a big comeback in smaller rooms, such as bathrooms. Many people like having that added splash of color in a smaller space, as opposed to plastering it on the walls in living rooms or bedrooms. According to Mastykaz, you likely won't see the home décor item on all four walls. "Metallic and textured wallpaper is certainly being used more and more for accent walls these days," he says. 
  • 3. Green Is In

    Many homeowners are looking for greener features, and for good reason. Eco-friendly amenities will not only be good for the environment, but many are also good for your wallet. One trend agents are seeing is an uptick in solar panels on homes. Redfin real estate agent Eric Tan says LED lighting is also a great way to go green, "I am seeing a lot of LED lighting in homes these days. Not only are they energy efficient, but they also add a cool lighting effect to any room and tend to be on the smaller side so they can work in most spaces." Tan also says that Nest thermostats are really trending right now among homeowners, giving people more control over their thermostat and their energy bill. Another big trend in eco-friendly living: energy-efficient windows, which will help keep the heat inside during the winter and the cool air inside in the summer … and a little more money in your pocket from saving on the cost of energy. How's that for clean and simple?
  • 4. Kids' Rooms

    You're never too young to appreciate fun and fabulous home décor. If parents are following the trends, a lot of lucky kids are getting to drift off into dream land in a boat bed! Aye aye captain, this is an actual trend our agents are seeing in rooms for children. And what kid wouldn't want to be the sailor of his or her own dreams? While the kids are cruising off to sleep in a neat bed, a lot of these rooms also have some type of art on the wall. Tan says DIY is all the rage in kids' rooms these days. "You'll see a lot of fun colors and stencil designs when it comes to rooms for kids." Tan says he's also seeing hand-painted murals or the child's initials painted on a wall. 
  • 5. White is the New Black

    White is not just for the kitchen; agents are also seeing a lot of homes drenched in white and other much lighter tones than we were seeing before. It's also not uncommon to see a home where every room is completely white from floor to ceiling. Tan says not only will the lighter colors make your home trendier, it will also help to make any space look bigger! "It's really a win-win. Lighter paint colors will make a room feel open, bright and airy, so you can be trendy and comfortable at the same time!" 
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