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by Katie Bower

Her name is Bower. Katie Bower. She married a goodlookin’ studmuffin, Jeremy. They’re just a couple of suburban Atlantans who decided to write about this crazy adventure called life in their blog BowerPower. Katie is a 30-year-old former homeschooler who has a love for decor, entertaining, jokes, and photography. A blog seemed like the best way to catalog their transformations and family escapades without actually picking up a phone or breaking out the stationary.

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  • My home office is currently under construction but, hiding in a corner amidst the rubble and chaos, is a glimmer of hope. You think I'm kidding but no, it's right there next to the dust bunny farm and the photography props. Here she blows about a month ago:
  • Photo Credit: Katie Bower
  • Sometimes that hope says to me "HELP, I'm DYING!" (as it often does whenever we are in the middle of any room renovation) and once in a while it shows me a bit of possibility. It tells me what a room could be... what awesomeness could live there... and how it makes more full the life for my family. And in this particular room, that spark of hope whispered in my ear, "Find me a chair!".

    I am nothing but obedient to glimmers cowering in the corner. So I dug around and found some really inspiring pictures of home offices that have darling desk chairs. The question is -- how do you choose?!
  • There is the upholstered armless version. It can be really nice for cushioning my tushioning. Another great thing is that it can be covered in whatever pattern, color, or type of fabric I would want. Plus, finding a frame to reupholster wouldn't cost an arm, leg or any other kind of digit.
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    I could go with a modern chair to add a little spice. It would be a nice break from the norm--a lucite version would even open up the room. And I've heard that they can be comfortable, but not put-you-to-sleep-when-you-should-be-photo-editing-kinda-comfy--more of a Five-Hour-Energy-for-your-derierre-kindy-comfy.

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    A more traditional office chair is always a solid option. They are usually created to give you support right where you need it, swivel, lift, lower (I swear this isn't a bra commercial), and they are designed to give you marathon-type desk comfort.

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    Wingbacks would not be the worst chair in the world for my office chair. I would have to trade in the lumbar support of a traditional office chair but in exchange, I could always cuddle in there with Will and have the potential of a nap without ever getting on my feet.

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    Last up is the good old-fashioned office-style wood chair. They're on a come back (did they ever leave).  It doesn't matter. What matters is that they are the real thing--legit--standing up to the test of time and don't ever go outta style.

  • What would you choose? What kinda office chair do you have? And riddle me this: to lumbar or not to lumbar?  It's a debate for the ages.

    - Katie
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