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  • Easter is quickly approaching. My favorite memories from past Easter celebrations are sitting around a big table with my family. Everyone is talking and laughing and eating; it's a wonderful time. My mom always made the effort to set the table extra nice. The nice napkins, the china, the goblets, the whole bit. We even made place cards a couple of times. We're gathering again this year, so I thought I would make some bright springy and festive place cards.

    Polymer clay is one of my favorite mediums to work with. It's very versatile and lends itself to so many forms. On the polymer clay craft spectrum, this project is so very simple. Let's get started!

    1. Polymer clay, any color you like
    2. Blade/knife
    3. Pasta machine, brayer, or rolling pin
    4. Texture-making tools – fork, spoon, anything else
    5. Letter stamps
    6. Egg-shape cutter
    7. Paint
    8. Paintbrush
    9. Paper towels
    10. Printable place card holder
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    First, polymer clay must be conditioned. Slice the block into four to five slices and roll it with a brayer or rolling pin until it's softened and supple. If you have a pasta machine (just for non-food items), follow this tutorial to condition the clay.

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    When the clay is rolled out and smooth, use the cutter to make the shapes.

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  • While the clay is still raw, add texture. Just about anything can give texture—a fork and spoon work great! Make sure to wash any item you use afterward.
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  • Use letter stamps to add the names of your guests.

    Cure the clay in the oven according to instructions on the package.
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    After the clay is cured and cooled, it's time for paint. With a bright springy color, paint the surface of the polymer clay, making sure to get the color into the letter impressions and texture.

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  • Then simply wipe the excess away. The paint will stick in the impressions and give the place card some color. Or you can leave it painted for a vibrant look, like on the "Drew" and "Nana" place cards.
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  • Print off this place card holder template. Cut out the shape and fold it in half. Put the egg on the holder and you're set!

    Have a wonderful Easter!
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