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by Sarah Krouse

Sarah Krouse is a lifestyle blogger seeking domestic bliss through design, gardening, and creative DIYs. As Sarah's passion for vintage meets with her modern aesthetic, she creates a style that's both comfortable and functional and perfectly suited to today's modern living. She shares her decorating pursuits on her blog, {Home-ology} modern vintage.

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  • Photo: Sarah Krouse
  • The vivid colors of a summer garden are a glorious sight during daylight hours. When creating our own gardens, we naturally gravitate to those vivid hues. But have you ever considered planting your garden with the shade of evening in mind? After all, summer evenings are the best time to enjoy our outdoors spaces—as the sun sets and the heat of the day fades.

    This year, let your garden do double duty by giving you a second showing during these evening hours.
  • Photo: Sarah Krouse
  • ​As you create your garden this year, incorporate shades of white, silver, and light pastels into the mix. These blooms may be shy and demure during the day, but as the sun begins to set, they explode into life giving your garden a whole new dimension.

    Annuals such as the bright white of an impatien or the silver grey of dichondra will fill your garden with an ethereal glow during the evening hours. And my favorite wave petunia, misty lilac, never disappoints with its shade that's almost neon. Other great color choices for an evening garden are chartreuses (think potato vine "Marguerite" and creeping Jenny "Aurea") and any plant with variegated leaves. Contrast these bright shades with maroon or dark hued plants. They will absolutely pop off the dark backdrop.
  • Photo: Sarah Krouse
  • ​And lastly, don't forget your containers. Using light colored containers will add another layer to help your garden glow.

    Summer evenings are when we most take advantage of our outdoor spaces, yet it's rarely the time of day that homeowners plan their gardens to be at their best. This year, why not incorporate some feature plantings for after the sun sets? By incorporating vivid colors for the day and the bright whites for the evening, you'll get twice the reward for all your hard work.

    It's like having two gardens in one!
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