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by Cristin Bisbee Priest

As a mother of two young children, Cristin understands the desire for a home to be functional, yet beautiful. Blending the two disciplines of home organization and interior design resonated with her and thus Simplified Bee® was born. She believes that surrounding yourself with lovely, organized spaces reduces stress, makes you happier, and inspires healthier living.

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  • Photo Credit: Houzz
  • With Memorial Day celebrations just behind us and the 4th of July just around the corner, I thought it would be fun to take a look at some beautiful interiors with patriotic touches. Yes, as with any "theme" it is important to not go over board or else it can quickly become kitschy.
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    Photo Credit: Houzz
    In this contemporary living room, interior designer, Patrick Sutton adds blue and white stars and stripes in an accent pillow, throw and table cover. It's simple and it works.

  • Photo Credit: Houzz
    This sweet banquette by Jennie Balsam has an undeniable nautical feel, yet the red, white & blue color palette is a great way to communicate your patriotic pride without having to add stars and stripes.

  • Photo Credit: House of Ruby
  • Themes can go a little further in a child's room. For example this darling red, white and blue bedroom designed by Melodie Rubin features a daybed with star finials and wall sconces with red and white striped shades – clearly patriotic, but without going too far.
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    Photo Credit: Meg Braff Designs
    Here's another boy's beautiful bedroom with a red, white and blue color scheme. Designer, Meg Braff creates a classic space with contemporary elements. A timeless blue and white striped rug and star light pendant give a subtle nod to our nation's flag.

  • Photo Credit: Houzz
    But an interior's color palette doesn't always communicate patriotism. Here is this vibrant and bold girl's bedroom by designer, Jay Jeffers it's the artwork that reflects the child's patriotism.

  • How do you add patriotic elements in your home?

    - Cristin of Simplified Bee
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