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by Lesley Graham

Lesley Graham lives outside of Atlanta with her husband Sam and two little girls, Matilda and Phoebe. When she's not working in her most prized role, you can find her blogging. Her blog focuses on family, food, design, and everything in between. She and her husband are currently fixing up a 1910 farmhouse which occupies most of their free time these days.

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  • It's officially outdoor party season! From small gatherings to grand celebratory festivities, everything feels extra special when you bring the crowd outside. From twinkle lights to furniture, the details are what people will remember. Here are some gorgeous and fun parties that caught my eye and how to get the look.
  • This fabulous baby shower is chic and modern, definitely not your typical pastel affair. I love the idea of recreating a living room outdoors (and hosting an evening couple shower). You can achieve this look by gathering rugs (love this one!), some cool metal chairs and some of your favorite accessories, like an awesome leather pouf, to pull the look together. Don't forget the oversized balloons!
  • Is there anything more magical than a movie under the stars? I love this darling third birthday party that I was lucky enough to attend. All you need is a projector, large screen, some pretty curtains, and a cluster of coffee tables wrapped in kraft paper for the kids to sit at. The twinkle lights mixed with neutral bunting bring the magic factor. Pull color from pretty and bright floral arrangements.
  • Sprinklers bring out the kid in all of us. Why not host a sprinkler party? Set up a row of rainbow colored sprinklers and inflatable pools, and you are good to go! You could also set up snack areas with fresh fruit and coolers full of frosty drinks. Can't wait for those longer summer days.
  • Dining al fresco with a large group of friends or family is having a major moment. I love that there are no rules to this kind of dinner party and that the sky is the limit (literally) when it comes to design. Here are two great examples: Keep things charming with a long table, bentwood chairs, and a fun tablecloth or go bare and natural with just plates and napkins. I love the casual wood benches lining the table instead of chairs. Candles and overhead lighting are obviously a must. Cheers to celebrating outside!
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