Special Nonexistent Furniture

by Lesley Graham

Lesley Graham lives outside of Atlanta with her husband Sam and two little girls, Matilda and Phoebe. When she's not working in her most prized role, you can find her blogging. Her blog focuses on family, food, design, and everything in between. She and her husband are currently fixing up a 1910 farmhouse which occupies most of their free time these days.

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  • As we fully enter spring, the days are longer and those lingering dusks can actually be appreciated and enjoyed. Long evenings with warm breezes beg for al fresco dining. When you're spending more time outdoors it's important to think about lighting. I love the way light brings ambience and magic to gardens and outdoor spaces. Good lighting can instantly transform even the most basic of paths and patios.
  • I love these big, industrial bulb string lights. Unlike your typical string lights, these heavy-hitters are like something you would see at your favorite restaurant. The impact is going to be big with only a few lights.
  • Tiki lights are sort of kitschy but I love the way they're used here. Use a solar powered version to cut back on buying oil. Add the lights to gravel-filled buckets and create a really charming way to navigate a stone path.
  • Photo: JL Designs
  • Globe lights are such a classy choice for outdoor seating areas. This party showcases how gorgeous they look with natural materials and serene accessories. Don't you want to be there? I also love how they are strewn in rows. So beautiful.
  • Photo: Sunset
  • Speaking of outdoor dining… why not use candle light? These hanging lanterns are romantic and have a European flare. Transporting to Tuscany for dinner at home sounds a-ok in my book.
  • Garden paths aren't the only areas that call for illumination. I love these step lights that were installed on these stone steps. Such a gorgeous way to not only see where you are going but to accent the surroundings. Lovely. These would also work great on deck stairs. Happy spring!
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