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  • Summer is the perfect season to enjoy a refreshing al fresco dining experience. Cool summer breezes, enchanting pink summer sunsets, and crystal clear starry summer nights naturally create the perfect setting for a dinner party filled with laughter and friends. Make the most of summer's pleasant weather and carefree vibes by hosting the ultimate al fresco dinner party. Here are our top picks for enchanting tablescapes, perfect for warm summer nights:
    Country Chic Summer Whites

    Little else says summer quite like the classic lightweight shades of white. To create the perfect traditional al fresco table setting for summer, use a white color palette and mix in some quaint country motifs, like burlap, wicker, mason jars, and a pitcher vase.  
  • Summer Blue

    Create a magical summer garden experience for your al fresco table by bringing together lovely shades of the the ultimate summer color: blue! The key to this refreshing look is to use many different shades of blue, from the purple-blue of late season hydrangeas to the deep nautical navy of summer homes. You can't go wrong when mixing blues together, so use it on everything—dining linens, accent plates, centerpieces, and more.
  • Carefree Pops of Color

    ​Summer is the perfect time to get playful with your color choices. When setting up your summer al fresco table, include delightful pops of a bright color to capture the fun, carefree side of summer. These bold hits of green add life to what could be a plain neutral outdoor space.
  • Mix and Match Patterns

    The most stylish trend for summer is playfully mixing and matching patterns together. For a festive al fresco dinner party, the best way to incorporate two different patterns is to select one for your tablecloth and a second for your napkins or your placemats. Indulge in vibrant colors and summer themes like floral patterns or nautical details. The best way to ensure your mix of patterns is chic and not scary is to vary the scale of the patterns and use colors from the same palette. The napkins on this table (above) are navy, which is pulled out of the tablecloth, while the gingham pattern is smaller than the large-scale floral table cloth.

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