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  • Thinking of shaking up your living room decor? Look no further than our editors' favorite finds, from sofa beds and coffee tables to curtains and accent pillows. Check out these editor-approved picks and feel even more confident about your decorating decisions!
  • top 10 sleeper sofas

    Top 10 Sofa Beds

    A sofa bed lets you turn any room into a guest room. Our editors' top picks are anything but a snooze.


  • top 10 area rugs

    Top 10 Area Rugs

    Update your decor with one of our editors' favorite area rugs, whether your style is bright and fresh or neutral and traditional.


  • top 10 console tables

    Top 10 Console & Sofa Tables

    No matter your style or budget, we've got the console table to complete your living room!


  • patterned accent pillows

    Patterned Accent Pillows Under $30

    Dress up a living room sofa or chair with these budget-friendly picks!


  • top 10 TV stands

    10 Customer Favorite TV Stands

    Wayfair editors pick the best TV stands with 4 1/2 star-ratings or higher.


  • top 10 pendants

    Top 10 Pendant Lights

    Give any space an update with one of these best-selling or customer favorite pendants under $200.


  • top 10 coffee tables

    Top 10 Coffee Tables

    Set a drink down, stack books, or put up your feet—we've got your coffee table at a great price!


  • top 10 sectional sofas

    Top 10 Sectional Sofas

    These grand-scale sofas can fit the whole family! Check out our most stylish, functional, and comfortable options.


  • top 10 end tables

    Top 10 End Tables

    From best-sellers to customer favorites, these must-have end tables are all under $100.


  • curtains and drapes

    12 Pretty Floral Curtains & Drapes

    Add a springy touch to your living room with one of our flirty floral picks.


  • top 10 fireplaces

    Top 10 Fireplaces

    Add an eye-catching focal point (and warmth!) to your living room with one of our top 10 fireplaces.


  • top 10 canvas wall art

    Top 10 Canvas Wall Art

    From reproductions of famous artwork to modern graphic prints, canvas wall art can easily update your decor.


  • side tables you'll love

    Side Tables You'll Love

    Less expensive than sofas, coffee tables, or area rugs, a new side table is an easy way to give your décor an updated look without breaking the bank.


  • top 10 wall mirrors

    Top 10 Wall Mirrors

    Reflect your home's decorating style with our best mirrors.


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