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Organizing Your Cleaning Supplies (Sponsored)

by Endust

Endust furniture sprays and dusters are geared toward customers who want to quickly remove dust from their homes and offices. Our assortment of brands have been meeting consumer needs for many years in the U.S. and Canada! Consumers have been using Endust for more than 57 years.

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  • Organizing your cleaning tools doesn't have to be boring and ordinary. Any carrier or toolbox will do, it is just a matter of what suits your style. Love repurposed finds? Try painting a vintage toolbox a fresh new color. 

    Once you've selected your container gather your cleaning products all together. We filled our box with Endust essentials, rubber gloves, microfiber cloths, a scrub brush, and glass cleaner. Keeping all your cleaning items together in one container and always storing it in the same place makes the task of cleaning that much easier and quicker.

    When you finish a round of cleaning, throw your cleaning cloths through the wash. When they are done, fold and put them right back with your other cleaning supplies for next time.  Anything you can do to cut down on effort and time spent cleaning is a bonus in our book.  Happy cleaning!
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    Quick Tip!

    Spray the tip of your broom with Endust to supercharge your cleaning. 

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