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by Cristin Bisbee Priest

As a mother of two young children, Cristin understands the desire for a home to be functional, yet beautiful. Blending the two disciplines of home organization and interior design resonated with her and thus Simplified Bee® was born. She believes that surrounding yourself with lovely, organized spaces reduces stress, makes you happier, and inspires healthier living.

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  • Do you feel like your kid's toys are taking over your home? Is there anything more frustrating than cleaning up a kid's space only to find it turned upside down in minutes? Creating storage solutions in children's spaces (big or small) is essential to keeping parents sane, and kids happy. Here are some ideas for maximizing storage and having it look stylish too!
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    Think Vertically

    If you have limited storage space, I strongly encourage investing in vertical storage units or shelving to house books, toys and games.Vertical shelving helps maximize storage and organizing toys in stylish baskets and bins set on shelves helps cut clutter and makes it easier to maintain order. (Remember to put favorite, age-appropriate toys on lower shelves to accommodate little ones.) To keep kids safe, always brace tall shelving units to the wall.

  • Hang It

    Hooks, hung on the backs of doors, in closets or on a convenient wall, are another easy way to help organize backpacks, coats and sweaters. But, to make children more apt to use those hooks, remember to mount these fixtures at the level that's easily reached by your child!

  • Corral It

    Large storage bins, baskets and boxes are a must for keeping toys orderly. Before you purchase storage bins, it's best to take inventory and group toys to best determine what size would work best. For instance, if your son has large play trucks and cars, a larger sized bin that can be placed on the floor might work best to house them. A smaller bin however might be just the right size for your daughter's dolls and could be placed on a shelf.

    In addition, every bedroom needs a trash can and a laundry hamper and kids' rooms are no exception. Invest in a hamper that allows your child to divide their laundry into darks and whites. As for trash cans, purchase one that can be wiped down easily and is small enough for a child to carry to the main garbage can.Take this opportunity to teach your child what's trash and what can be recycled.
  • Double Duty

    To maximize space and storage, look for furniture that can do double duty. A bookcase placed horizontally, like the example above, becomes bench seating with the addition of a comfy cushion, and provides always-welcome storage in the cubbies below.
  • Many beds today offer built-in storage options which are ideal places to store clothing, toys, or additional bedding. I love all of the storage provided under the twin beds in this playful child's bedroom designed by Jamie Drake {featured above} and the way he maximizes the space by adding colorful cubby shelving on the wall to house books, keepsakes and toys.

    What tips and tricks do you have for organizing kids' spaces?

    - Cristin
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