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by Erika Johnson

Inspiration comes from all around us, especially for Erika Johnson, a self-professed lover of design with no formal training. She writes about her love for home decor, fashion and style. She also shares her favorite finds. Erika constantly takes inspiration from her surroundings, travel experiences, and from the people she’s met along the way. She’s also about to get married! Erika and her fiancé are working on blending their own distinct styles together in their home.

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  • Photo Credit: Erika Johnson
  • Earlier this summer, I styled a shoot for Cape Cod Home Magazine alongside my favorite New England photographer, Stacey Hedman.  A dream project of sorts, the home's gorgeous bones and existing furniture made styling easy as pie. Of all of the beautiful features, my favorite space was the mudroom.
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    Wicker baskets for dog leashes, cubby holes, wellies, and hooks for raincoats ensure that the mud and snow will stay where it belongs -- at the door. This photo (left) exemplifies ample storage in a mudroom/entry way combination. How perfect!

    To create your own mudroom space, choose a location near a high-traffic entryway. If your home lacks an "official" mudroom (welcome to the club!), a large vestibule or partial hallway will serve the purpose beautifully. It's also important to choose a space with hardwood or tile floors, avoiding carpet when possible.

    Once you designate your space, check these items off your mudroom essentials shopping list:
    1. Boot tray
    2. Storage bins
    3. Coat hooks
    4. Bench 
    5. Washable runner/rug

    Optional items include:
    1. Ski rack or tennis racquet or <insert your thang here> hooks
    2. Chalkboard paint or bulletin board wall
    3. Umbrella pail

  • Photo Credit: BHG
    ​If you reside in a dwelling with limited space, you can easily create a mudroom area just inside your front door. I'm particularly smitten with this creatively converted closet to the right.

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    Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy

    Mudrooms literally screams "real people, kids, and dogs live here - and sometimes, dirt does, too!"  And I love that.

    Do you have a mudroom in your home?  Where is yours or where might you put it?

    - Erika

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