Special Nonexistent Furniture

by Dana Miller

Dana is the author of the blog, House*Tweaking, where she shares the never-ending journey of transforming her underdog house into a stylish and livable home. Recently, she quit her reputable job as a pharmacist to be a stay-at-home mom and pursue a career in design. Her handy hubby is her sidekick and they have three young kiddos who keep things interesting—and LOUD.

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  • Photo: Dana Miller
  • My home was built in the 1950s; when my husband and I purchased it, it was in poor condition. To say curb appeal was lacking is an understatement. Just opening the front door was an ordeal. The door stuck and it was an ugly beige color. I was determined to bring the entry to life and give it a simple, modern look.
  • Photos: Dana Miller
  • I removed a clanging screen door to reveal an original mid-century door with amazing potential. After my husband rehabbed the door and frame to a usable state, I set to work waking up the entry. I painted the door a moody blue-gray to contrast with the red brick exterior. It's Behr's evening hush.
  • Photos: Dana Miller
  • There isn't much to our front entry, so I chose quality hardware as subtle, yet sophisticated touches. Modern house numbersa futuristic doorbell, and a chunky handset in similar finishes up the ante.

    I selected an extra thick, striped doormat constructed of natural fibers. The pattern and texture are consistent with the modern organic vibe I'm drawn to.

    I planted fragrant rosemary in a simple standing planter to add life and welcome guests. Bonus: I can cook with the herbs!
  • Photos: Dana Miller
  • Moving inside, the front door opens up into our living room. We were in dire need of an entry drop zone that meshed with the rest of the space.

    I created a drop zone with a woven bench and a steel and wood coat rack. It's an easy spot for removing and putting on shoes or hanging jackets and bags. The bench also makes a great landing pad for boxed deliveries.

    To infuse the small entry with style, I brought in some accessories: a black and white photography print, a pencil plant, and a rock my daughter found on a recent walk.
  • Photos: Dana Miller
  • I created the hanging brass and string art. It cost me less than $8 to DIY!

    On a wall perpendicular to the front door I hung a large mirror for quick once-overs and to reflect light into the naturally dark corner. It really opens up the tiny space, and I love seeing our living room from a different perspective.

    I hope my modest entry inspires you to freshen up yours. If you don't have a dedicated foyer per se, you can still carve out a functional and stylish entry. Just stick to the basics (a bench + wall hooks + a few accessories) and keep it simple.
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