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by Katie Bower

Her name is Bower. Katie Bower. She married a goodlookin’ studmuffin, Jeremy. They’re just a couple of suburban Atlantans who decided to write about this crazy adventure called life in their blog BowerPower. Katie is a 30-year-old former homeschooler who has a love for decor, entertaining, jokes, and photography. A blog seemed like the best way to catalog their transformations and family escapades without actually picking up a phone or breaking out the stationary.

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  • Photo Credit: ​Katie Bower
  • Do you have a signature color?

    Yeah... me neither.

    But if I did, I would like to think it was a shade of green. Not a happy chartreuse, a moody olive, or even a lovely shade of hunter, but a preppy Kelly green. That green reminds me of rolling around the grass, or monograms (this is an odd one I realize, but for some reason, it pops up in my brain when I think of green), and of course, St. Patricks Day. Seriously -- is there anything cooler than a color that reminds you of a hoard of people getting drunk, and little green men who run around with a pot of gold?! The correct answer here is "no, there is nothing cooler."
  • Photo Credit: Katie Bower
    So, when I saw this mirror at my local thrift store, I contemplated every other color for oh, point-zero-no-time-at-all, before deciding on green.

  • Photo Credit: ​Katie Bower
    The edges are really cool to me—like bamboo-ish but with even more texture in between, and the price was uber-right, coming in at just under $11.

  • Photo Credit: ​Katie Bower
    So I gathered my paint brush, my current favorite shade of green paint (Valspar's Lime Twist), and went at it like a teacher on Dance Moms.

  • Photo Credit: ​Katie Bower
    The end result is nothing less than refreshing. I hung it in our garage entry foyer (what do you call this anyway? A hall? A foyer? A mudroom? A gateway to confusion?) which is our main point of entry into our house, the one we use every single day. So it definitely makes me happy to see that space splashed with one of my favorite colors.

  • Photo Credit:​ Katie Bower
    We love being able to come in the garage door and take off our shoes (we toss them in that big basket) and throw the mail on the small dresser. Plus having a mirror there helps encourage better public hygiene as I've been known to walk out the door without looking in a mirror. If I did I would definitely find the mashed-up wet Cheerios on my shoulder and see the sippy-cup accident on my growing belly. But now, having this convenient spot to see myself, at least two incidences of total embarrassment have been avoided.

  • Photo Credit: ​Katie Bower
    So what about you? Do you have a signature color? Are you an Elle Woods with the color pink, a sophisticated Jennifer Aniston who can't get enough black in her life. or Rihanna Red? Let's talk colors people….taste the rainbow with me. I bet it's delicious. 

  • - Katie
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