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by Catie Parrish

As Managing Editor of wayfair.com, Catie Parrish relishes the opportunity to inspire visitors to create thoughtful, stylish spaces in their homes. A graduate of Drake University, Catie lives in Boston with her news-nerd husband, Chris, and their long-awaited rescue mutt, Gus. An ardent enthusiast of all things tasty, curious, or pretty, when Catie isn’t writing, you can likely find her whipping up a batch of guacamole, captivated by a good book, or on the hunt for the sofa of her dreams.

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  • A big part of nearly any major holiday is the food, and Memorial Day is no exception. As the unofficial start to summer, cookout favorites -- burgers, potato salad, and the like are classics. I do not have any big barbecue plans this year, but that doesn't mean I'm relegated to a boring dinner. This is what's on my menu:

  • Before my gig with Wayfair, I was a food editor for Better Homes and Gardens and constantly tasted amazing new recipes. This is one that has always stood out (though I like to add cayenne for more of a kick). I love that you can make it in a slow cooker. I also like creating mini sliders by serving the meat on little Hawaiian rolls. Click here for the recipe.

  • I love no-recipe recipes, like this one. In the middle of the summer, when I can get my hands on heirloom tomatoes or homegrown cukes, the green beans play a lesser role. Sometimes I substitute in different cheeses (pepper Jack and baby mozzarella balls -- called bocconcini -- are two favorites). This is the basic recipe. Feel free to tweak to your liking!


    1. Fresh green beans (I usually use two big handfuls), trimmed and cut in half
    2. 2 large or 4 Roma tomatoes
    3. 1 block of Monterrey Jack cheese
    4. Vinaigrette (I prefer homemade but your fave bottled version will work fine, as well)
    5. Salt and pepper to tasteMethod:Steam the green beans for just a few minutes so they retain a little crunch. Meanwhile roughly chop the tomatoes and cube the cheese into bite-size chunks.

    As soon as you drain the green beans, plunge them into ice water so they stay bright green. Remove the green beans from the ice water. Toss with the tomatoes, cheese, and just enough vinaigrette to coat. Season with lots of freshly-ground black pepper and a little sprinkle of salt. Serve chilled or at room temp.
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    Unfortunately my husband has to work this year on Memorial Day, but I know he'll be more than willing to join me for a drink when he gets home. I've been hankering to try this recipe after Deb, of Smitten Kitchen, shared it over a year ago.  I think Memorial Day will be the perfect occasion to give it a shot. Click here for the recipe.

  • What will your crowd be feasting on this Memorial Day? Do you switch things up or keep your menu traditional?

    - Catie Parrish, Managing Editor at Wayfair
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