Special Nonexistent Furniture

by Kristine Kennedy

A graduate of the University of Southern California, Kennedy began her career as a hard news newspaper reporter, covering events such as the LA riots and California’s wildfires. After a few years she discovered she could combine her hidden interior design talents with journalism. In addition to her work for Better Homes and Gardens, Kennedy co-wrote New York Times bestseller “Trading Spaces: Behind the Scenes” and has written for publications such as Traditional Home, Decorating, Quick & Easy Decorating, Window & Wall Ideas, Bedroom & Bath Ideas and Do It Yourself. A native of Portland, Oregon, Kennedy recently moved from New York’s Hudson Valley to suburban Boston with her husband, two children, Great Dane, two cats, sewing machine, pile of paint decks and about 340 linear feet of books.

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  • Welcome to the second post in our series talking about different ways you can decorate your mantel. See the Wayfair story here: Mantels Six Ways.

    Today's look? Equestrian.
  • Us Wayfair editors have been spotting the equestrian trend all over the place and thought it would make for a nice gender-neutral mantel motif. I can see equestrian touches working in a clubby-feeling living room or a cozy den.
  • This scheme's focal point is a large, leather strap mirror from Jamie Young, which designers have been loving for the past year -- I've seen it everywhere. I'm thrilled that we recently added Jamie Young's line because I love her stuff, and because Jamie is so Wayfair -- a creative working mom with a warm personality and sense of humor. The mirror's buckles and heavy-duty stitching nod to equestrian style. Instead of placing the mirror in the center, we hung it off center and paired it with a duo of vintage-looking, black-and-white horse pictures.
  • Playing off the mirror, we continued the leather touches throughout the vignette with boxes on the mantel and on the floor. Rope-like candlestick lamps give a visual boundary to the collection of items. What's fun about this one is that you can fill in with riding accoutrement that you may own or can pick up at a thrift store, such as a hat, crop, trophy, and winning ribbons. The Seda France red candles and deep crimson roses add just a dash of color and femininity.

    See our first post in this series on the Clocks and Books Mantel.

    Happy decorating,


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