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Mantel Decorating - Six Ways: Earthbound

by Shelby Hill

As associate editor of Wayfair.com, Shelby Hill hopes to spark visitors’ imaginations with fun and creative decorating ideas (especially for those with small spaces because she feels your pain). Shelby spends her time dreaming of exploring far off places, honing her spectating skills watching many collegiate and pro basketball games, and taking photographs of any and everything. An Arizona native, Shelby graduated from the University of Arizona and is a lifelong Wildcat.

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  • Welcome to the final of six in our series talking about different ways you can decorate your mantel. See the Wayfair story here: Mantels Six Ways.

    Today's look? Earthbound.
  • There's nothing more beautiful than Mother Nature in all her glory. In most places, wintertime means bidding farewell to budding plants and chirping birds; but we just can't let go. So, we brought the outside in with an emphasis on weathered woods, greenery, and aviary statuary. This aesthetic also plays off of the Belgian trend that's been huge for the past few years with its weathered, driftwoody feel.
  • The mantel's focal point is a large, rectangular mirror that we personalized by switching out the mirror glass for chalkboard. You can do the same with any mirror you have lying around. Simply purchase chalkboard spray paint (available at Wayfair.com or your local craft store) and find a wooden board at the appropriate size. Spray the board and voila!

    We penned a saying that spoke to us. (This Wordsworth quote seemed appropriate for our outdoorsy mantel.) But you can do anything from drawing a seasonal picture to your favorite poem.
  • The two bird statues speak to the natural materials being used. When you have a neutral palette, it's important to use a lot of texture to make it more dynamic.
  • The roughness of the candle bases, the spikey straw ball, the rope handle, the woven grass on the bench, and the chunkiness of the rug all add intrigue and depth. The textural elements that bind the space together, also give it a casual air, perfect for a family room.
  • Bursts of green, in the moss balls and grapevine wreath, take your eye down to the floor and punctuate the beige space.

    See our fifth post on the dishware mantel.

    Thanks for joining us as we tackled one mantel six ways. Share your favorite mantel decorating ideas below!

    - Shelby
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