Special Nonexistent Furniture

by Shelby Hill

As associate editor of Wayfair.com, Shelby Hill hopes to spark visitors’ imaginations with fun and creative decorating ideas (especially for those with small spaces because she feels your pain). Shelby spends her time dreaming of exploring far off places, honing her spectating skills watching many collegiate and pro basketball games, and taking photographs of any and everything. An Arizona native, Shelby graduated from the University of Arizona and is a lifelong Wildcat.

Top Picks
  • Welcome to the fifth of six in our series talking about different ways you can decorate your mantel. See the Wayfair story here: Mantels Six Ways.

    Today's inspiration? Dishware.
  • The typical thing to do would be to use dishware from one collection and hang it in a symmetrical pattern. We wanted to put a fresh spin on a traditional idea. We gathered dishware in a mix of patterns, sizes, and shapes, and then hung them in an amoeba-like grouping.

    If the idea of mixing and matching is too daunting, here's a tip: stay within a color palette (like red or green) and you can use widely different patterns. We chose blue. Our grouping included traditional floral patterned china, funky modern plates, and even solid navy and white pieces.
  • Plan your wall arrangement by laying the dishes out on the floor in a space the same size as the wall you've picked. Move the dishes around until you get a grouping that's pleasing. Doing this helps avoid unwanted holes in the wall.
  • As we considered the mantel top, we wanted to keep a cohesive look. We chose to use only ceramic pieces to match the plates on the wall. The ceramic garden stool on the floor is a nod to the dishware above, as well.

    This traditional, feminine look is appropriate for a living room, sunroom, breakfast nook, or dining room.

    See our last post on the Gilded mantel, then look for info on the next mantel style.

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