Special Nonexistent Furniture

by Shelby Hill

As associate editor of Wayfair.com, Shelby Hill hopes to spark visitors’ imaginations with fun and creative decorating ideas (especially for those with small spaces because she feels your pain). Shelby spends her time dreaming of exploring far off places, honing her spectating skills watching many collegiate and pro basketball games, and taking photographs of any and everything. An Arizona native, Shelby graduated from the University of Arizona and is a lifelong Wildcat.

Top Picks
  • Welcome to the fourth of six in our series talking about different ways you can decorate your mantel. See the Wayfair story here: Mantels Six Ways.
  • Today we're feeling golden.
  • In a mantelscape like this, it's all about the centerpiece. Everyone on set fell for this show-stopping starburst mirror that serves as our focal point. Not only is it beautiful, but because it's on a stand, it's incredibly unique. So, if you're going to splurge, go crazy here and let it be the star.
  • We added accessories that didn't detract from the stunning mirror, but dialed down its formality. Everything else on the mantel is short and low in a variety of shapes to keep the design dynamic.
  • We chose objects packed with personality, like the trio of gold owls or large-scale jacks. The boldly gold fireplace screen shows up well against the black firebox and continues the mantel's black and gold style all the way down to the floor.
  • The Massoud Furniture Casablanca stools in citrine were gorgeous. At 22 inches high and 18 inches in diameter, they are the perfect size for putting your feet up by the fire.

    See our last post on the Wintergreen mantel, then look for info on the next mantel style soon.

    - Shelby
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