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Wine Cork Crafts & Ideas

Bring old wine corks and cork materials into your decor with these tips and picks.

"A large glass vessel, such as this tall wine glass, is best for displaying your collection of corks. Nestle
a pillar candle into the corks for a creative centerpiece idea."
"Place your wine corks in this mahogany wood frame to make a bulletin board that's a history of all your favorite bottles."
"Make the most of cork's natural fire-resistant quality and protect your table by turning leftover wine corks into a trivet."
"Decorate your wine tasting room—whether it's a cellar or just your kitchen—with this art that celebrates cork and wine labels."
"If you don't already have a collection of corks, this set of 50 will give you a helpful head start on your projects."

"Everyone knows wine and cheese is a match made in heaven. Carry on the pairing at your next cocktail party with these cool cork-handled cheese knives."
7 Favorite Finds!
"Create unique wine stoppers by attaching decorative knobs to
corks—or, buy this
garden-inspired set.
(Fun gift!) "

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