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What's Cookin'? Tacos and Guacamole!

In homage to her Southwestern roots, assistant editor Shelby Hill's signature dish is tacos with guac.

phone handset
"Always keep a telephone handy—no, not for the fire department—for takeout in case my signature meal doesn't go as planned."
fry pans
"The best part about tacos is that there's very little actual cooking involved. All you really need is a good frying pan to brown the meat.
I prefer lean ground turkey."
mortar and pestle
"Make guacamole caveman-style by crushing herbs, garlic, salt, and pepper to perfection. This hot red mortar can double as a serving bowl."
tortilla warmer
"Take a casual meal like tacos to the next level with classy, yet playfully patterned, cloth napkins."
"Guests will definitely want seconds, so keep extra tortillas warm while you eat. I love corn tortillas!"

"Brightly colored serving bowls set the fiesta mood. I fill mine with taco fixings like cheese, lettuce, jalapenos, and salsa."
7 Favorite Finds!
"I like my guac finely chopped. An avocado
slicer helps me keep cutting time to a minimum."
avocado slicer