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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Unique gift ideas for her from associate editor Catie Parrish.

boston map
"A stroll through an unexplored neighborhood will make her fall in love with you—and your city—all over again. If the journey ends with drinks at your favorite spot, even better."
"With a sentiment that says it all, this 
eco-friendly pillow is a keepsake she'll love. Choose from seven rich color combos."
"Instead of a shoe box, your sweetie could collect love notes and relationship mementos in a gorgeous box designed by Barbara Barry."
scent diffuser
"When not being used, this crystal wine decanter's graceful design looks just as pretty on display."
"This oil diffuser features the scent of Tunisian neroli blossom, dubbed an 'elixer of love.' Rawr."

"If you can't find the right words, let Jane Austen say it for you. This poster's column design is actually the first 35 chapters of 'Pride and Prejudice.'"
pride and prejudice poster
7 Favorite Finds!
"Can't go wrong with jewelry! I'm a sucker for delicate, yet substantial earrings, such as this beaded, mystic green topaz-and-rose gold pair."