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Typography by the Letter

Our assistant editor, Shelby Hill, can’t get enough of the typography trend!

"This quirky, Swiss-made watch is water resistant up to 100 feet and features quartz movement. An awesome gift for an aspiring writer!"
cutting boards
"An easy—and cute—way to never cross-contaminate while cooking, these non-skid cutting boards are meant for my kitchen."
"From Comic Sans to Times New Roman, the author explains why we obsess over the fonts we use. To be bold, or not to be? That tis the question."
"Storage space abounds in this rustic chest with fun mismatched handles and vintage travel stamp details."
"I envision this distressed bench with its rustic cushion fabric and French typography sitting pretty in my entry."

"Perfect for a powder room, entryway, or kid's room, this incredibly detailed alphabet wallpaper is printed with eco-friendly ink. The silly pattern + deep blue 
color = a home run!"
7 Favorite Finds!
"My dachshund-loving friend would happily do her dishes with this set of towels, silkscreened with all Weiner dog synonyms from doxie to hot dog."
dish towel

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