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Toy Drive Gift Ideas

Giving has never been so easy. Check out our favorite picks for boys and girls of all ages.

Give a child in your community a holiday to remember with these popular toys and games. Check your local toy drive to
see what they
need most
this year.
play tent
Make any little girl feel like a princess with this castle-shaped tent!
Every child dreams of finding a shiny new bike next to the tree on Christmas morning. Make it happen with this classic Radio Flyer tricycle.
science kit for kids
The budding scientist can create five different types of ooey-gooey slime with this budget-friendly kit.
tool station
All little ones should have this traditional children's toy. A red bandana gives this rocking horse
​a Western feel.
rocking horse
This adorable mini tool bench promotes small motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

For a preteen with a love for sports, this over-the-door hoop will help them fine tune their dunking skills.
Tip! Many toy drives ask that you don't wrap the gifts. Be sure to check with the organization first.

Perfect for any aspiring fashion designer (or fashion-loving pre-teen girl), this kit is equipped with a handle so they can design on the go.
fashion design tote

giraffe toy
Kiddos who just started walking will love that they have a companion to take with them everywhere.
water table
Recommended for 18-months and up, this water table encourages play, creativity, and learning.

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