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Top Picks for Traveling with Baby

Take the stress out of traveling with the little one with these top picks and tips!

Check out our essentials and tips to make traveling and on-the-go activities with your infant a breeze. 

Your baby spends lots of time in his or her stroller and let's be honest, they can be expensive! Protect them from dirt and debris when checking them on an airplane with this handy gate check bag.
With a compact and lightweight design, this travel crib should make it to the top of  your packing list.
Let baby sit at the grown-up table with this easy, foldable high chair. 
Protect your infant's car seat with this waterproof travel bag—complete with padded straps for easy carrying. 
This popular baby carrier stays provides ergonomic support with foot straps, sleeping hood, and purse trap holders.

Save some space with a comfortable baby carrier. That way you don't always have to bring the stroller!
Bjorn Carrier
When traveling,  try your best to stick to your normal feeding and bedtime routines.

For tiny legs that get tired of walking, this stroller comes with on-the-go storage, adult cup holders, and a snack tray for the little one.  

This best-selling foldable bassinet means baby can sleep wherever you go. It features breathable mesh fabric and does a subtle rocking motion
​with a small push. 
It's important for babies and toddlers to stick to their normal diet when traveling. This handy food mill purees and blends fresh foods when you're
​on the go.

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