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Spa-Worthy Bathroom Updates

Blogger Jessica Bruno, of Four Generations One Roof, picks products that will make your bathroom luxurious.

linen tower
"I would love to use this white linen tower in my bathroom! It would be perfect for storing rolled towels and displaying jars full of bath beads, soaps, and other spa necessities."
"Woven baskets lined with washable liners are musts for my bathrooms. They're the perfect spot for dirty linens. I also love filling them with clean rolled towels!"
shower curtain
"I love a ruffled shower curtain! It adds much-needed character and texture to bathrooms that are often filled with
hard surfaces."
"I'm all about adding coastal elegance to my bathroom and this white hand towel embroidered with coral is a perfect solution!"
hand towel
"There's nothing better than plush, cozy towels in a bathroom. They're a simple way to add a touch of luxury!"

"Candles are my go-to accessory to add warmth and a sense of calm to any space—especially a bathroom."
7 Favorite Finds!
"This bamboo bathmat paired with a white ruffled curtain and woven baskets exudes peace and
serenity to me!"
bath mat

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