Special Nonexistent Furniture

Solving Design Dilemmas

Managing Editor Kate Karam shares tips and tricks from pros in the know.

"Finally, always have fresh flowers, candles, and the best linens you can afford. Simple luxuries matter."
"An easy way to boost over-island pendant lighting is to add recessed ceiling spot lights between each pendant on a separate switch."
"Tame your throws and get a finished look by folding the outsides into the middle and folding once more in half."
" Please buy larger outside wall lights. Light fixtures should measure at least 25% of the door's height."
"Adding a bit of black to a room has impact, but think in threes. A mirror, pillow welting, and a coffee table book bound in black are an easy combo."

"Adding a piece of skirted furniture, such as this chair, balances the "forest-of-trees" effect of leggy pieces."
7 Favorite Finds!
"Round rugs are an underutilized problem solver. Placing one slightly under the edge of a bed, or adding to a square foyer adds 
instant interest."

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