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Small Bathroom Storage Solutions

Save space and get maximum storage with these 7 product picks from our editors.

over-the-toilet storage
"An over-the-toilet shelf system can hold storage jars, lotions, towels, and more when you're low
on counter space
and storage."
over-the-door hooks
"When trying to make the most of your small space, take advantage of every nook and cranny. This over-the-door hook hanger also has a tray for odds and ends."
bathroom organizer
"Odd-shaped accessories like hair dryers need ingenious solutions or they'll clutter up your bathroom. This holder suctions to surfaces such as glass, tile, and wood."
makeup organizer
"Don't forget to organize your drawers! This divided tray will keep drawers tidy so you can find what you need."
drawer organizer
"Makeup queen? Have no fear! This rotating organizing caddy can keep control of your lipstick and brushes."

"A space-saving shower caddy is great for small showers. Holes on the bottom of this caddy's trays allow bottles to be stored upside down."
shower caddy
7 Favorite Finds!
"If you've got the wall space, a medicine cabinet with extra storage shelves can help keep a bathroom nice and orderly."

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