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Small Bathroom Storage Solutions

Make the most of a tiny bathroom with these space-saving storage picks.

Organize a small bathroom with these pint-sized picks that are big on function. 

​Editors' Picks
At only 15 inches wide, this slim linen tower provides vertical storage with a minimal impact on floor space. 
Place this organizer tray inside a cabinet or vanity door
​to maximize storage. 
Take advantage of unused space with this moisture-resistant
​corner shelf.
Store all of your shower products in one place with an easily-accessible shower head caddy.
Look for vanities that are under  20 inches wide to save room in a super small bathrom.

Create additional shower space by installing a niche in between
​wall studs.
Tip! Always measure your space before deciding on a storage piece.

If mounted organizers and wall hooks aren't an option, hang extra towels on the door with an over-the-door rack. 

 A modern take on a bathroom classic, this wall-mounted medicine cabinet offers discreet interior storage and open shelving for easy access.
Store bathroom necessities and display decor with this space-saving over-the-toilet unit.  

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