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Rustic Chic Decor Ideas

Our associate editor Catie Parrish finds the right pieces for a high-class, yet homey look.

"I want this rich-looking lamp! I love that it's neutral, without being boring, and at a price I can afford."
"Channel your inner queen by setting a royal-glam table with mint linens embroidered with silver crowns."
"This distressed, clover-shape mirror is gorgeous on its own and stunning hung as a pair or grid."
"Upgrading the chairs at the head and foot of your table can transform your dining room."
"This solid wood chest brings rustic chic storage to your entryway or bedroom."

"Aged accessories are the best way to give your decor a comfortable feel. This clock looks like it could have been passed down through the generations."
7 Favorite Finds!
"Mercury glass votive candle holders bring sparkle and vintage style. I'd buy at least three to arrange in a cluster."

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