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Pizza Party Essentials

Two Peas and Their Pod blogger Maria Lichty picks her pizza making must-haves and puts a healthy spin on this family fave.

box grater
"Every pizza needs lots of cheese! Underneath the cheese try using whole wheat dough for a healthy pizza. I love the slight nutty flavor whole wheat gives to pizza crust."
pizza cutter
"This stainless steel rocking cutter will slice any pie, even if it's piled high with yummy toppings. For a lighter summer pizza, add some of my faves: artichokes, roasted red pepper, mushrooms, kale, and tomatoes."
oven mitt
"Pull out your pizza from the hot oven with this stylish lime colored mitt."
mini pizza pans
"Get ready for a thick slice of cheesy pizza! This pan makes it easy for us to cook our favorite deep dish pizza."
deep dish pan
"Let everyone make their own personal pizza with this mini pizza pan set."

"This wood pizza pizza peel with a slanted edge makes it easy to remove pizza from the oven."
pizza peel
7 Favorite Finds!
"We love our bright red baking stone. It's great for pizza parties because it keeps the pizza warm after it comes out of the oven."
pizza stone

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