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9 Summertime Essentials for Pets

Find out how you can keep your furry friend cool this summer with our editors' how-to tips and top product picks.

Dog House by New Age Pet

Protect your dog this season (and ensure they're comfortable) with
these must- 
have picks
and safety
Editors' Picks!
Whether you're heading to the beach, park, or a family cook out, consider packing a portable umbrella to
​provide instant shade. 
nstant Pet Shade
This dog bed design features an elevated mesh bed to keep your pet cool, dry, and comfortable. Bonus: the canopy's stylish appeal brings a playful touch to your outdoor decor! 
cooling mat
As soon as your four-legged friend lies down on this mat, the pressure-activated cooling begins (and will last up to 4 hours before automatically recharging). 
Does your pet spend a lot of time outside? Place a large galvanized bin or stainless steel water bowl outdoors.
If you don't have a nearby pool or lake, use a hose to cool your dog down. It's also great for playtime!

Has your pet has ever refused to walk another step because she's hot or tired? Then, a pet stroller is for you! It's a shady oasis on summer days, and the durable mesh keeps insects away.
pet stroller
Tip! Take your  pup outside in the
early morning or late evening to avoid the hottest part of the day (around 3 PM).

Make sure your pup stays cool indoors with a cooling system, like a fan or air conditioner. Invest in this pick that you can easily move from room to room.
air conditioner

dog pillow
A layer of protection between Fido and the hot pool deck is essential. This pick features a contemporary look that's made to withstand harsh outdoor elements while offering a cozy spot to chill.
silicone bowl
Keep an extra water bowl on hand while traveling to prevent dehydration. This FDA-approved silicone water bowl is collapsible, sturdy, and comes in five
playful colors. 

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