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Our Favorite Gifts for Pets

Spoil your best pals this season with these must-have finds.

Whether you're having a good or bad day, pets are always there for you. Pamper them this holiday with one of our fave finds, from a
bow tie toy to
a plaid 
treat jar. 
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bird toy
Made with paper, rice, starch, and palm leaf, birds will be chirping sweet melodies about this colorful homemade bird toy. 
treat canister

Whether you're gifting for a friend's pet or your own, this playful plaid treat canister is a stylish way to keep Fido's treats out of sight.  
fish bowl
At a budget-friendly price, your fish will swim like a king in this luxurious  modern fish bowl. 
reversiblel santa and reindeer suit
Considered the '"ultimate pooch retreat," this trendy denim lounger will keep your puppy cozy all year long. 
dog bed
Reversible and ridiculously cute, this machine washable Santa suit turns into a reindeer costume, too. Your choice! 

A bow tie toy for the cutest pooch
​ in town! 
bow tie
Tip! Bake your pet a healthy holiday treat. It's worth the extra effort! 

Include your favorite pal in the family festivities with this adorable hooked stocking, available for both cats and dogs. Fill it with goodies, from a new toy to a dashing accessory. 
pet stocking

scratching tree
This holiday, let your cat paw away at this recycled paper scratching post.
cat toy
These burlap toys are filled with extra catnip to keep your cat busy all Christmas

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